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A Ttest of True Experimental Religion

June 24, 2012 | 0 comments

Here is a test of all true experimental religion. True experience leads a man to rest upon no internal sealing of Christ within him: the true Spirit testifies of Christ in the Word; and if Christ be in you, by his Spirit, he will bring you out of yourself, and all confidence in the flesh, internal sealings, impulses, impressions, and will land you in God alone. True experience, like the true Christ, brings no man into himself; no, by no means: he brings us to God; and redeems us to God.

So it is the duty of all lost and undone sinners, that have lost their way to God, and have lost the knowledge of God, the favor of God, the image of God, and the enjoyment of God; to accept of a Redeemer, that is come from God to give himself a sacrifice, to satisfy divine justice, to redeem us to God by his heart's blood. You are called to accept of a complete redemption that God brings to you, in order to bring you to God. You can not come to God because you are weak; and you dare not come because you are worthless; but, "Worthy is the Lamb that was stain".

"But", you say, "Will he accept me who lacks faith and repentance, and all the conditions that bring me to God?" Alas! what is this? Behold the rottenness of a legal spirit, that rises up against the gospel of the grace of God. O proud sinner, come down from the height of your pride. True faith cannot bring itself to God, but only welcomes the Christ of God to bring him. Here, O sinner, you have nothing to do, nothing to make; God has made all to your hand; Christ is made of God to you redemption; he is made of God a Redeemer by price, and a Redeemer by power, to bring you to God. How love you this bargain? Do you accept of it?

Oh, Sirs! what shall I say? Is there any soul here that would not choose to be swallowed up for ever in this ravishing mystery of God? O Sirs, this redemption through the blood of Christ, is a redemption of God, as the first cause; and a redemption to God, as the last end. Therefore, as ye would not trample on the blood of Christ, and as you would regard your own everlasting happiness; come, come, to this blessed Redeemer, and welcome a redemption made of God to redeem you to God, and to his highest honor and greatest glory.

Rev. Ralph Erskine: Sermon: Redemption by Christ. Works, Volume 7, 1796.