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Walk Circumspectly

January 12, 2013 | 0 comments

"See then that ye walk circumspectly, not as fools, but as wise." Ephesians 5:15

Dear congregation,

Since my enemies withing are so cunning, how can I safeguard my life? Let me begin by examining myself more searchingly than I do. If I believe the words which have come down to us through the ages, the scrutiny of one's own heart was more acceptable then than it is now. Perhaps it was overdone by some from time to time, when men probed into their emotions and should have been looking to Christ and forgetting themselves. But the pendulum now has swung far in the opposite direction. The truth is, I rarely turn my gaze within. I do not sit down in the evening and count the day's gains and losses as I should. It is considered foolish and old fashioned to do so. Yet, if I would listen to this text, some of my greatest sins would be unmasked, exposed, and rebuked; if I took a little of my private time to "Know thyself," as the Greeks woulds say.

And to whom shall I compare myself? Let me get into the habit of comparing myself with the Lord Jesus Christ, and not the many earthly examples that come to mind. In the gallery of pictures I set before my eyes in self examination, will I forget the portrait of Christ? Am I to find my flaws and blemishes in the likeness of others, or by placing Christ before my eyes? When I compare myself with Him who is more glorious than all earthly forms, it will humble me. It will be the death-wound of my self conceit. It will unveil many unsuspected sins. This is the best way to be wise.

And let me commit myself daily to God in prayer. He can answer my cries. He can give me a strength mightier than any secret sin. They use to say that time spent by the sea will refresh and invigorate the heavy lungs of the asthmatic. So it will be when I sail out into the infinite sea of God's love, and breathe in the atmosphere of His holiness, mercy and grace. The sins which so easily besets me will vanish away in the presence of One more prevailing than they. Their enchantments will fail, their poison disappear, their power and intensity will no longer hold me captive.

I have many enemies within my own heart, and I dare not challenge them in my own strength. How soon and how shamefully they will break my will, and make me bow in defeat. But right circumspection, aided by the Spirit, I can teach me that "They that be with me are more than they that be with them” and “I will look unto the hills whence cometh my help". Then I am no fool. Then I am wise.

Your servant in Christ,