Join us Sundays at 9:30 & 5:00 pm.

This fall we hope to begin a mid-week study through the Canons of Dordt. Below is an outline of what we will be covering.

First Head: Of Divine Predestination
A. Beginning
1. All have sinned and deserve eternal death
2. God sent His Son
3. God sends preachers
4. Not all believe
B. Explanation
5. The origin of faith and unbelief
6. Faith is according to God’s will
C. Election
7. Definition of election
8. Election further explained
9. Unconditional election
10. Sovereign election
11. Changeless election
D. Fruit of Election
12. The assurance of election
13. Election and piety
14. Election must be preached
15. Reprobation commends election
E. Different classes of people
16. Those alarmed at reprobation
17. Children of believers dying in infancy
18. Murmurers

Head II: Of the Death of Christ and the Redemption of Men Thereby
A. The necessity of Christ’s redemption
1. God’s justice demands satisfaction
2. Christ makes satisfaction
3. Christ’s satisfaction is of infinite value
4. Why Christ’s satisfaction is of infinite value
B. The preaching of Christ’s redemption
5. The promise of the gospel
6. The guilt of unbelief
7. The gift of faith
C. The accomplishment of Christ’s redemption
8. Particular redemption
9. Effectual redemption

Heads III and IV: Of the Corruption of Man, His Conversion to God and the Manner Thereof
A. Man’s corruption
1. The fall
2. Original sin
3. Total depravity
B. The way of salvation
4. Not From the light of nature
5. Nor by the law
6. By the Holy Spirit applying the gospel
C. The preaching
7. Its extent in the Word of God
8. Its true call
D. The two responses
9. Some refuse to come
10. Others believe
E. Regeneration
11. The cause of regeneration
12. The wonder of regeneration
13. The mystery of regeneration
F. Faith
14. Faith, a gift
15. Faith, unearned
G. Man’s responsibility
16. We are not stocks and blocks
17. We must use the means of grace

Head V: Of the Perseverance of the Saints
A. The saint’s depravity
1. Our remaining sin
2. Our sins and spots
3. Our inability to persevere of ourselves
B. The saint’s sins
4. Our falling into sins
5. The results of our sins
6. Yet we cannot fall away
C. Why the saints cannot fall away
7. Our regeneration and renewal
8. The works of God, Christ and the Holy Spirit
D. The assurance of preservation and perseverance
9. It is obtained by us
10. How it is obtained by us
11. It does not exclude our having carnal lusts
E. The fruit of the saint’s assurance of preservation and perseverance
12. Not pride or carnal security but godliness
13. Not licentiousness or a disregard to piety but carefulness
F. Different perspectives on the perseverance of the saints
14. God uses the means of grace to preserve the saints
15. The views of the ungodly and of the church on the perseverance of the saints